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Ida H. from Texas:

''I bought this for my varicose veins legs and also severe foot pain. I've used this everyday for the 20mins recommended and said it really does help. The different setting are amazing from feeling like a massage on your feet to acupuncture and another setting kneading the feet which feels like it's working your ankles too. I would definitely recommend to anyone who suffers with sore varicose veins.''

Valerie M. from Florida:

''I kept looking at this particular item for almost a year, I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend that much money on a fat reduction surgery. Until I saw the EMS Acupoints Stimulator Massage Foot Mat. I have been using this machine for about weeks now, combining with exercise and healthy eating and I definitely see the results instantly. I have even started to feel more confident about my legs. I will definitely recommend this to my friends..''

Shelby V. from California:

''I love this little machine that is actually very powerful. I’m seeing a reduction of cellulite. I really like the light as it warms the tissue which I believe improved your results. .''

Vicky from Uk

After the first use I noticed my restless leg gone for the rest of the day. My leg and foot pain was gone the rest of the day. I started feeling a little pain the next morning and used it again. Very pleased to with the price and the results.

Alex from Canada

I like the massager because it stimulates the bottom of my feet, then it massages the legs and u can feel the muscle contract.

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